Writing a gem with bundler funny

Install ruby Ruby is an extremely flexible, concise language which boasts a rampant proliferation of libraries and popular frameworks like rails. I already have some ruby stuff installed. What do I do? Installing a ruby Once rbenv and ruby-build are installed you can install a ruby:

Writing a gem with bundler funny

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While there may be some lacking information on how bundling works, you are able to test this using the Ardor testnet client, which you can download at ArdorPlatform. You can request for test coins here, but you will receive them faster on this dedicated thread on Nxtforum.

You are also free to ask other users on the forum and on the developers channel on NxtChat on Slack for assistance, though this isn't guaranteed. Proof that testing was done is also required, and you can do so by posting your Ardor testnet address below your example. The figures set in the example, however, can be changed when you do the test on testnet.

What condition would make Mal be the bundler over the other bundler? Also include the information of the other bundler like how I did with Mal's. Use whatever other name you like.

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Mal then receives the 0. There are no other transactions in the child chain block so Mal pays Jayne the 0. Other Info This bounty is open until May 18th at The winner's example may be used and modified for future marketing content.

writing a gem with bundler funny

Credit will be given wherever possible.Can't vagrant install a plugin: gem dependency fails despite being installed. Ask Question.

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(), and Bundler cannot continue. Make sure that `gem install json -v ''` succeeds before bundling. Performing the suggested step results in: $ gem install json -v '' Building native extensions. Friend keeps making jokes about my.

Ruby On Rails In case anyone runs into this, the trick is a bug with Bundler. Declare the gem in your Gemfile without path ('' gem '''',''. Create API Gem.

writing a gem with bundler funny

Welcome to the Create API Gem! This gem provides a way of interacting with Typeforms Create API if you are programming in Ruby. We have created object representations of forms, themes, images, workspaces and teams so you can programmatically create all of the afore mentioned using Ruby nice and easily.

Implementation of an --only argument for bundle install. bundler/bundler-features#59 The reasoning here is that sometimes you want a single group or two, and not default.

My particular use case is having a deployment group which contains everything needed for a CI server.

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To do this with existing functionality, I have to list all possible groups in --without, which can change and easily be. 15 Things for a Ruby Beginner. May 30, Bundler: You'll learn it easy enough if you are using Rails.

But even for non-Rails projects, Bundler is now the de-facto tool to handle gems and dependencies. At the time when I started writing Ruby, the languages that I had written in for a reasonable period of time before were CA-Clipper. random personal notes and reminders related to my funny adventures with Rails - DRY tranceformingnlp.com

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