Violence is sports should be reduced

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Violence is sports should be reduced

History[ edit ] Early hockey in particular was noted for its extreme violence, to the point where two players were killed in three years during brawls. In both cases, the accused assailants were acquitted, but these and other bloody incidents led to calls for the sport to clean up its act or be banned along with the likes of cockfighting.

Billy Coutu was the first, and to date only, player banned from the NHL for life for violence in ; he assaulted referee Jerry Laflamme and tackled referee Billy Bell before starting a bench-clearing brawl during a Stanley Cup game between the Boston Bruins and Ottawa Senatorsapparently on the orders of Bruins Head Coach Art Ross.

Other incidents include the December 12,event when Eddie Shore rammed Toronto Maple Leafs star Ace Bailey from behind, causing Bailey to strike his head on the ice; Bailey never played hockey again. In JanuaryDavid Johnstonthe Governor General of Canadasaid that violence such as headshots, high-sticking and fighting should not be part of the sport.

Loney claimed self-defence, and was found not guilty. Masson was found not guilty on the grounds that there was no way to know which blow had killed McCourt.

Louis Blues engaged in a violent, stick-swinging brawl. A fractured skull and brain damage caused Green to miss the entire —70 season. Both men were acquitted in court.

In exchange for a no-contest plea, Maloney did community service work and was banned from playing in Toronto for two seasons.

After a nine-day trial ended with a hung jury, charges against Forbes were dropped. Boucha suffered blurred vision from the incident and never fully recovered. Bridgman was acquitted, but the other three Flyers were found guilty of simple assault.

The hit led to a minute bench clearing brawl. He was charged with assault, but acquitted. Ciccone assaulted him after entering the penalty box where Ghavameddini was photographing the game from. Boulerice was charged with assault as a result of the incident. McSorley was convicted of assault with a weapon and given an month conditional discharge.

Violence is sports should be reduced

Moore sustained three fractured vertebrae, a grade three concussionvertebral ligament damage, stretching of the brachial plexus nerves and facial lacerations.

Bertuzzi was charged by police and given a conditional discharge after pleading guilty to assault causing bodily harm.

Bertuzzi was re-instated inafter a 20 game suspension and an international ban during the lockout season.

Violence is sports should be reduced

The terms of this settlement are confidential. Deveaux swung his stick and slashed Helmersson twice. The attack was retaliation for a hit from behind by Helmersson in the game before, which Deveaux claimed caused him a minor concussion.

Both players could complete both games, and Deveaux was only disciplined after the game. A brief history of stick violence. Accessed at [2] [ permanent dead link ] on 19 July History of criminal charges on ice. Accessed at [3] on 19 July Venue Characteristics.

There are more than sports stadiums and arenas in the United States,15 and while some share similar features, each is unique.

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Research and analysis of publicized incidents suggest that specific characteristics of stadiums and arenas are associated with higher levels of spectator violence. Menstuff® has compiled information, books and resources on the issue of women's violence.

Center "Lenny" icon - "Death", painted polyester, by Niki De Saint Gone Wild. Aggressive play in sports can result in injury but isn't considered violent because it is within the rules of the game.

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However, sports violence occurs on several levels and includes players, coaches and spectators, and happens well outside the rules. Here's how to prevent sports violence in your area. Violence is the result of a combination of biological, social, and psychological factors, especially those that increase exposure to vulnerability, shame, and humiliation.

Preventing violence must involve the opposite: making sure people feel safe, cared about, and connected, while ensuring they have a healthy and realistic sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Paper presented at the 7th International Congress of the Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health.

This essay is a précis of a book in preparation which has the tentative title: Understanding The Moral Imperative For Violence: Consequences of the "Unbonded" Child and Gender Inequality.

Many people believe that leagues themselves should regulate violence in sports. There have been several attempts at the federal level to regulate sports violence, such as proposal of The Sports Violence Act of

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