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Give to Chatham Founded inChatham University is a fully coed institution with an enrollment of over 2, students and over 60 undergraduate and graduate programs in our areas of excellence: Mission Statement Chatham University prepares its students to build lives of purpose, value, and fulfilling work. Through professional skill development and liberal arts learning, Chatham prepares its graduates to be informed and engaged citizens in their communities; to recognize and respect diversity of culture, identity, and opinion; and to live sustainably. Two Campuses Chatham's Shadyside Campus is the University's historic, original location and is one of the country's most unique and picturesque, urban college campuses consisting of the acre Woodland Road arboretum.

University of pittsburgh writing center

Beginnings[ edit ] The university began in as a one-room business school called Business Training College with an initial enrollment of 50 students, under the direction of Dorothy Finkelhora New York native, and her husband, L.

At the time, it was notable for a woman to found such an institution. Finkelhor provided her students with business and secretarial skills.

At the same time, she served in multiple roles as teacher, the dean of women, social chairman, janitor, telephone operator, admissions and finance director, and registrar. Becoming a college[ edit ] Academic Hall contains offices and classrooms.

University of pittsburgh writing center

Bythe business school had grown to nearly students and moved to the university's current academic center, Academic Hall, on Wood Street in central Downtown Pittsburgh. The junior college added two-year programs in engineering technologyeducation and journalism.

It also acquired performing arts space at The Pittsburgh Playhouse in the Oakland neighborhood. Five years later, the college was granted four-year status, officially becoming Point Park College.

University of pittsburgh writing center

Dance and theatre programs were introduced. Thirty-four years after forming the college, Dorothy Finkelhor retired in The school's reins remained within the family as son-in-law Arthur M. Blum assumed the presidency.

The hall currently contains most of the school's social and entertaining facilities, as well as classrooms, offices and residential facilities. Blum's Lawrence Hall investment continues to benefit the school.

University of Pittsburgh Writing Center

Blum also established a campus in Lugano, Switzerland. A gift from Lester Hamburg brought the school a conference center in Portersville, Pennsylvania. Stability[ edit ] With the budget climbing out of the red, the school began a slow healing process into the s. Enrollment grew beyond 1, students.

At the same time, the school introduced its first postgraduate degree, a master's degree in journalism and mass communication.

Matthew Simon served as the college's next president from toproviding nearly a decade of relative calm in the institution's turbulent history.

Mentors: Kamal Althobaiti, Ingrid Godfrey, Kendal Fike

Simon oversaw the acquisition of a new library, program growth and the school's largest endowment.Learning objectives should break down the task and focus on specific cognitive processes. Many activities that faculty believe require a single skill (for example, writing or problem solving) actually involve a synthesis of many component skills.

Chatham University is a bachelor's, master's, and doctoral granting institution specializing in sustainability, health sciences, business & communication, and arts & .

Point Park University is a liberal arts university in downtown Pittsburgh, tranceformingnlp.comly known as Point Park College, the school name was revised in to reflect the number of graduate programs being offered. Discover how to go beyond at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, a safe, friendly institution for students who want to earn a world-renowned degree in a personalized atmosphere.

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