Tops program essay

While this makes it very easy to integrate with other students of the school, it also allows for a tight-knit group of friends within TOPS. Marc Garneau is lucky to house nine science labs with a wide array of equipment and scientific instruments for student use. The school is proud to host a newly-renovated autoshop, a greenhouse that is maintained year-round, and a weight-training room.

Tops program essay

It has about 60 students in each of grade 9 to The program has some amazing features that are rare for a public school.

Tops program essay

Competitive admission process — Students are selected from a Tops program essay of over applicants based on an admission test. They are not only gifted in teaching, but also good role models for students.

They teach knowledge and skills and help mould character. Enriched curriculum — The curriculum is enriched through: Experiential learning and field trips — There are unique opportunities for students to learn by doing and to learn from experience.

Each grade has field trips related to learning, such as theatres in Stratford, scientific exploration at Algonquin Park and heritage day. These trips allow students not only to learn English and Sciences, but more importantly, to learn about themselves, their mutual interdependence and the interconnectedness of all things.

Rich student life — Students extend their energy and creativity beyond classroom learning. They run an award-winning newspaper The Rechonerproduce an annual talent-show TOPS Nightcreate and operate numerous clubs, and participate and often win in various external competitions from math contests to debating and mock trial.

Unparalleled student peer groups — TOPS students are highly motivated, high-achieving individuals with a broad range of interests. They motivate, challenge, support and teach each other and develop together. Many students have outstanding achievements outside school, such as in athletics swimming, fencing, volleyball, skating, etc.

Strengths of the TOPS program seen by parents and graduates include the following: Students are better prepared for university and beyond. Students develop excellent work ethics in the Program: Their academic training prepares them well for first-year university courses.

The skills and discipline acquired from the Program help student succeed in medical, law and graduate schools or in a real competitive world. Many students receive awards and scholarships that put them in the top tier of their peer group in Canada.

Students are better, all-round persons. They learn how to help one another, how to be socially responsible, and to embrace diversity.

They are genuinely kind and caring people. Many students develop leadership skills through leading Camp Pinecrest or Algonquin Park Expedition, participating at the TOPS Nigh talent show to pay tribute to the graduating class and the teachers or working on the Reckoner newspaper.

The TOPS bond may last a lifetime. Four years in TOPS help students develop some strong bonding among themselves. Such bonding is a valuable asset.

With its amazing features and strengths, the TOPS program is not immune from some lingering concerns from parents. At the same time, many parents respect the integrity of the TOPS program and have no issues with the marks received by the students.

Marks cannot fully represent the values of the TOPS due to the features and strengths described above. It is the values that define TOPS.tops.

questions and answers. for. high school students. and. counselors (revised november 1, ) presented by. louisiana office of student financial assistance (losfa).

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TOPS is a significantly accelerated and enriched program, by the completion of grade 10, TOPS students have completed three years of mathematics in two with enrichment. In Grade 11, TOPS students take the AP equivalent TOPS Calculus course.

This website was designed and is maintained by the students of the TOPS Program.. To contact the website team, please send an email to [email protected]

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