Handwriting analysis personality traits examples chart

Categories and Signs in Handwriting Graphology Basics. Graphology is a technique that allows us to become knowledgeable of ourselves and also explore those who surround us.

Handwriting analysis personality traits examples chart

The idea that a short sample of handwriting can reveal key dark and nefarious traits in another person is enticing. If you are considering dating, marriage, or a business relationship… you must be investigate and be cautious if your future partner has any of these five Hell Traits.

These easy-to-spot primary traits can be quickly found in a short sample of cursive handwriting. If you match more than 2 out of 5…your relationship is in for misery and unpleasant times. This section details those personality characteristics I recommend avoiding if you have a choice.

People with too many of these traits can make your life a living hell. Also, you should realize that there is a chance some of these traits might appear in your own handwriting. The good news is that you can change your life and heal the wounds these handwriting traits reveal that exist at the unconscious level.

handwriting analysis personality traits examples chart

Please double check your analysis with a professional before you accuse someone of being a liar or thief. But, for your own peace of mind… run for the door. A personality clash could arise between the two of you… and that will be a spectacular battle of the egos.

Handwriting Analysis Chart: Quick Graphology GuideHandwriting & Graphology

We all have fears and insecurities. These are the big ones you have to deal with in yourself, or simply avoid in other people. Unfortunately, you may find you have a few of these Hell Traits in your own personality. The best way to avoid pesticides is to eat all-natural food prepared without chemicals.

Likewise, the best way to deal with Hell Traits is to avoid people with Hell Traits. Honesty is one of the most sought-after personality traits.

Handwriting Analysis Chart: Handwriting Analysis Traits

However, some people have so much internal confusion that they will lie even when the truth is better. The worst case scenario is the letter o shown here. This o belongs to the pathological liar. He will make up stories and is, basically, not trustworthy.

He probably does not even know what the real truth is. This trait and other levels of communication are shown in the lower case letter o.EXAMPLES Graphic definitions, that depict behavior traits, can be grouped by their graphic similarity.

Letter Formations And What They Say About Your Personality

Each trait described in the GLOSSARY can be examined individually and then within a group to clarify nuances between traits. A systematic training approach can . "Just from analyzing your handwriting, experts can find over 5, personality traits," she says.

McKnight readily admits that the information she provides below is a basic overview, so it won't. The actual handwriting sample (written on a napkin- located as one of the last graphics on this page) has a "few" of these Hell traits, but it's not enough writing to make a full assessment.

However, it is safe to say this woman has anger issues, lies, is stubborn, impulsive, and some self-esteem issues. Mar 19,  · Document analysis can occasionally reveal small hints about age and sex, but it does not try to identify personality.

Its main purposes are to identify forgeries, and to compare a suspect's handwriting with a ransom note or other piece of evidence%(79). Handwriting Analysis Quick Reference Guide 1 Handwriting University’s Handwriting Analysis Quick Reference Guide *This quick reference guide does not contain all the personality traits or strokes revealed in Dual Personality.

Handwriting analysis is the fast and accurate way to avoid those people who have SABOTAGING personality traits that make a relationship fail. These easy-to-spot traits can be spotted quickly in a short sample of handwriting.

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