Digital forensic essay

Notes Abstract This essay surveys the development and current state of electronic literature, from the popularity of hypertext fiction in the 's to the present, focusing primarily on hypertext fiction, network fiction, interactive fiction, locative narratives, installation pieces, "codework," generative art and the Flash poem. It also discusses the central critical issues raised by electronic literature, pointing out that there is significant overlap with the print tradition.

Digital forensic essay

For instance, in conventional forensic investigations, information which a user tried to delete, though it still exists in a storage device, is frequently a rich source of evidence.

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However, the elasticity and volatility of cloud environments pose significant problems to the recovery of deleted information. What are Potential Ways to Handle these Challenges? The first problem can be solved through the deloyment of triaging techniques.

These techniques reduce the volumes of data that need to be analyzed by a forensic investigator. Triaging techniques allow forensic investigators to perform analysis of the storage device within a short duration in order to recognize the most valuable evidence without conducting full investigation.

Digital forensic essay

This technique works by accessing the data stored in the home directory of a user of the file system. The second challenge can be solved via the adoption of a directive.

For instance, the European Union is encouraging its member countries to adopt one such directive, which is called the Data Retention Directive Marziale, Such information might facilitate the real suspects who deleted evidence.In my point of view, the most encouraging technical development in digital forensics is the development of software application tools/computer forensics tools to aid the digital forensic examination process.

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Digital forensic essay

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Another challenge facing digital forensic is the problem of deleted data. According to Householder, Houle, & Dougherty (), cloud computing can help or interfere with the attempts of forensic investigators to recover deleted information.

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