Attitude towards the object model marketing essay

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Attitude towards the object model marketing essay

It is used by more advertisers than any other advertising medium. It is a principal form of communications for nonadvertisers. It produces amazing response - even from those who persevere they always throw it away unopened. It is fully flexible - bounded only by wide postal regulations, rules of decency, and whatever budget is established.

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It can be used to reach just one individual or millions. It can be made personal, even to the point of being completely confidential. It can be almost entirely controlled by the advertiser. It can be produced in minutes when necessary and delivered with speed to whatever audience is chosen.

It can be used with equal effectiveness by the large and the small; by the experienced and the inexperienced. Yet it is the most misunderstood of all media. It is badmouthed by a high percentage of its audience. It is treated with indifference by many - even advertisers who spend millions and billions of dollars on it annually.

It is treated with contemptuous disregard in comparison with other media. It is neglected by most organized advertising groups. It is considered unworthy of professional handling by many advertising agencies.

It is abused by legislators, the courts, and the postal service. All of these factors considered, the most astonishing paradox of direct mail is that it is seldom recognized as one of the most dynamic communications and marketing tools available in our twentieth century economy.

Typically, direct mail is treated as a necessary wicked and a high percentage of users even fail to recognize they are direct mail advertisers.

One of the reasons for this paradox is that so much confusion surrounds the definition of direct mail. A wide variety of definitions have been offered, but most authorities are comfortable to accept those which have been developed by the Direct Marketing Association.

One of the most difficult things for many advertisers to understand is the difference between direct mail and mail order. Very simply, one is a medium of advertising and communications while the other is a method of conducing a business.

Direct Advertising is a broad term encompassing all the diversified forms and uses of this major medium of advertising. Management's selection of a kind of direct advertising, like the selection of any one medium, depends upon objective and result expectancy.Concerning direct marketing, Fishbein's attitude-toward object model would suggest that consumer attitudes are a function of how positively or negatively its various attributes are evaluated.

Thus, consumers' overall attitudes toward direct marketing would be positive if they relate positively to direct marketing attributes and negative if vice versa (Ajzen . ATTITUDE Introduction Attitude refers to a learned tendency to evaluate things in a special ways which may include evaluation of people, issues, object, or event.

The evaluation can be positive or negative and can be uncertain at times. The attitude towards behavior model is “the individual’s attitude towards behaving or acting with respect to an object rather than the attitude towards the object itself”.

The appeal of the attitude towards behavior models is that it seems to correspond more closely to consumers’ actual behavior than does the attitude towards object model.

Attitude towards the object model marketing essay

Consumer behaviour is influenced by: demographics, psychographics (life style), personality, perceptual experiences, motive, cognition, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings.

Consumer behaviour concern with consumer need consumer actions in the way of fulfilling demands leads to his behaviour of every single depend on believing procedure. Moreover, the consumer attitudes toward internet advertising strongly correlate with that of smartphone advertising, which suggests the potential replicating of the online Ad-revenue model in the smartphone marketing.

Emotional attachment appears to have no influence on the attitude toward smartphone advertising. The Attitude-towards-object model The framework of Multi-Attribute Attitude illustrates consumers’ attitudes with regard to an attitude object as a function of consumer’s perception and the assessment of the key attributes or beliefs held with regard to the particular attitude object.

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